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"look at all the trouble you caused by not giving my father a job, people disrespect him and me, and I am getting sick of it. I will not tolerate any form of disrespect and I have a go at people now when they speak out of line to me and get a tone to me. I only tell people off when my therapist or doctor or support group tell me to tell people off. I don't like doing it, but enough is enough. all because of you not giving my father a job when his whole family needed it you caused all this. its all your fault. take the blame ! cuz i decided years ago i was not blaming myself anymore. i spent 28 years blaming myself shut down by catholic hitlers and old whorey sluts shutting me down with their bellowing whoring self love and i gave the mongrels what they wanted! to shut their cunts up! that is what dad told me to do from a child but I don't always now since i didn't get a thing back for good behavor as I should have been rewarded for all my goodness and the good i did but i was not . so I did give whores what they want to shut their cunt holes and there hole on their face up ! as a result i have insane hate for women. you got no idea how much I hate bitches. and that is why my doctor told me to have a go ate ugly old bulldog mustang sally ! so I did. "

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