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"A few years ago I was in a long distance relationship. My girlfriend worked in a factory and her 19 year old daughter worked in a office. They started and finished work at different times. At first I would arrange to travel 3 hours, and as the daughter finished work before her mother, she would let me in. After a while me and the daughter exchanged mobile phone numbers and it developed into flirting sometimes. After 6 months into the relationship I would travel a couple of hours earlier and meet the daughter and if we had the time we would go to bed I would give her a good fucking. Sometimes we would just have a quickie on the sofa. She couldn't always get out of work, so on a Monday before me travelling home her mother would go to work at 7:30 and the daughter would replace her in bed and would have an hour to fuck before she went to work for 9. Happy Days they were. It was great for my ego. The sex was good with both of them. Knowing I'd had her daughter seemed to turn me on when fucking the mother."


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