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"I am male father of 40. I have a 24 year old step daughter who is very attractive weve been having sex for about 5 years now my wife knows but says just dont get her pregnant. We have really hardcore sex. I wear my wifes lingerie while fucking my daughter then she will put her mums strap on and fuck me in the arse while i cum over her knickers. Now she wants her fella to join in I've always wanted to suck and fuck a black cock. So when he came round I was in my silk thong and chemise my daughter was wanking me off he came in and got hard instantly my eyes lit up as his big fat 11 inch cock dribbled pre cum I said fuck and fuck me good 2 hours later and 4 loads of cum he was done with me and it was my daughters turn. She had both our cocks in her arse and my wifes 15 inch dildo in her pussy she came everywhere the bed was soaked and her arse was gaping weeping cum if anyone wants my number just comment x"


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