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"my time in outback far nth holiday experienced a few ghostly events, near the rocks in the kuranda train trip and these guys were camping on the barron falls gorge area and the day before it came over the radio that someone had fallen from the area and a guy came running out to the train waving for help and we could see the camp on the edge of the cliffs and waterfalls and a kookaburra was there , their are said to be Egyptian pyramids up nth qld and small black tribes that will hide in the rainforest and they only show themselves if they want you to see them, I saw several images of what looked like small people running from tree trunk to tree trunk and ghostly feeling there. my great grandparents owned sugar cane farms up there and mt bartle frere is eerie, and their are mouds in pyramid shape up around the ranges and there were head hunters up there. "


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