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"we enjoyed our cruise through the whitsundays and to harvey bay and there was no significant paranormal activity on ship other then the first night on ship I was afraid to go to sleep in the dark and left the small lamp on and i swear someone of the room attendants came in and touched my back and said "would you like the lamp turned off now mame?" and I couldn't wake up and all the papers from the cruise ship had fallen down the side of the bed. but when we were staying at Coolangatta I also had a similar dream that someone came into the room. but I was so tired i couldn't wake up but I recall fear but it went away. when we got up to Prosipine and Innisvale onwards is all rainforest my grandmother worked as a nurse at Innisvale hospital with the doctor who invented treatments and diseases in cane fields called, Weil's Disease. we went through all the mountain ranges up high for day and night on the train and met a lot of people a couple from Milan, some german young students, japan girls, chinese young man and indian nurse who worked at Towsville hospital and some Ukrainians and Russians and a family from Korea who were so nice, and a lady from Oklahoma and just so many people we talked to. a lot of locals and an a english couple who own a back packers place who were lovely simon, and i met a lady who had been a farmer and knew a lot about the crops and cyclone defence from crops and she has sailed by herself all over the great barrier reef and we were talking about the light houses at breakfast on the ship and there are not a lot of sharks there but she said the crocodiles were bad all over. that tourist imagine of fun in the sun and sand is over done they don't tell you about the crocs and the snakes in the rainforest and on the train up the mountains they tell the story of our the rail was built and how many of them died of snake bite and how these horses had to be shot and they sunk in the mud and there was a hospital up there as well as a hotel with a huge ballroom. the falls are massive. we went during draught but in cyclone and low season it rivals niagra falls and any time it is a dangerous place"


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