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"help!! okay so myspace has ruined my life. i only take head shots because im fat :( i get various compliments saying that im beautiful because i have a pretty face. and they ask to see a body shot and i make up stupid excuses and when someone wants to meet i cant because im scared of my body that nobody will like me. so i tell them to meet me and then i diss them and make excuses saying i went and left or somthing like that. also i stayed inside my house for about a year now only going out at night just to get in the car and out. i wear pajamas because my clothes dont fit. and i guess you can say that im ashamed of my body :( i know i can loose weight and i been trying alot . i go to the gym but the food is so tempting i cant take it and i eat. can someone give me some advice because i really need it..and please no mean comments because im very much mental and verbal abuse my whiole life its pathetic :( sorry"


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