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"Regret never goes away? I'm 27, when I was sixteen I had my bestfriend from 5th grade. We was the tightest friends, we built forts, went paint balling, played games, went on dates, hooked up with girls, partied, drank, smoked, road triped everything. Then senior year, bros we were.. He betrayed me and I never forgave him. He lied, he stole and rippe me off. It was stupied. I see that now. I thought we would be brothers for life. He tried to apologise, but inwas so mad. I never forgave him. I was on facebook about a week ago. He died. Apparently, he got caught up in drugs. Never finished highschool. Dropped out. He had a son, his middle name is my name. I can't stop crying. My life is so good. I finished highschool went to collage. Have about a dozen friends and a stable life. I miss him. I wish o could have told him I was sorry. I loved him like family.. I thought I'd have all the time in the world. That one day maybe I would talk to him. I was wrong. I'll never forget you. I'm sorry, Brandon. I'm so, so sorry."


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