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"being around nick cutting crew/ bugsy as a kid was like being around adam lambert and for all I care milo p can put the kirk/ coke can up his ass too or in mouth so long as the bastards are not need me. my godparents were not even catholic they were nutters old and useless rich scum!! while your at it. look at this fool its so "hames reyne hammerhead, Catholics take food from your mouth, your the like the devil in hell, hanging out with the nicest awful people in Catholics. silken slip of catholic evil" or is it george micheal wham all she wants" oh god help us. who is this stupid leader of the pack? someone please send him back. enjoy the fame cuz it will cost you! try to wipe the wool across the worlds eyes, well I won't be. sorry if I am laughing at you. milo kerigan sort of, but my mum didn't like the catholic church when they allowed athethests who had no faith to be godparents, i think the church should make godparents to answer to a counselling to find out why they want to be a godparent and their faith and stop making fools of kids for richies ego. i have had enough of your abuses on me. the sexual abuse, the throwing things around, the sexual degridations and everything. what they did to my sister and putting us in hospital and making us ill and expecting us to live like gay nuns? self torturing , not fucking normal."

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