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"Our Night In My husband and his friend came home from work, a couple months ago, with beer, already pretty drunk. I was watching a movie on the couch, they sat on either side of me. I had a couple beers, and got a little tipsy, too. Hubby kept touching me, messing around, we'd laugh. He was joking about how big my breasts are, how they must be heavy, and pulled down my top. I pretended to be mad, but he was touching them, and started suckling, and it felt so good. His friend started touching and suckling me too. It felt amazing to have both breasts in a mans mouth, I started moaning. They stopped after a few minutes and feeling how wet I was, my hubby pushed my head towards his friends crotch, and my crotch on to his dick. He seemed to really get off on watching me suck off his friend, but he was so drunk he never came. We all fooled around a while, and they were laughing, and he asked me to get them more beer. When I came back, hubby was passed out cold, his friend was still awake. We started to watch another movie, and fooled around a little, but nothing serious. I went to bed, leaving them on the couch. A few minutes later, the friend came in, and got in bed with me. I knew I should've said no, but he felt so good, and I could hear hubby snoring on the couch. He actually gave me an orgasm, and ended up leaving two huge loads in me. Hubby never knew. We all laughed it off the next day, but his friend kept coming back, when he knew hubby was gone. I just found out I'm pregnant, and I don't think it's my husbands"


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