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"My next door neighbor died and took his knowledge with him. I'm semi retired and my next door neighbor was a retired tool and die maker. He fixed up old cars witha model T being one of his master projects. If he couldn't find a part for an old car he would make the part himself in his shop. After the Model T he started on a project to restore a 1940 police car. He finished the project and was going to start on a 1965 mustang. He was twenty years older than I am but he had the energy of a twenty year old mixed with the knowledge of an eighty year old. He died in his sleep just before starting on the mustang. I had planned to help him anyway I could because what he was able to do was so very interesting. Well he's gone now and his wife is stuck with an old junker 1964 mustang no one is around to start much less finish his project. Don't let anyone tell you dying is good because to those left behind it sucks."


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