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"i am cancelling my nye cruise to new caledonia since the earth quake I had felt no I can't handle a natural disaster and cyclone season. then I thought about all the islanders and nigs out here in australia who treat us so badly and why should i spend money on rude people and i might get germs in their beaches and hot water and sunburn and since I got sick I might try to get out of the contract cuz I seen some videos on youtube and nye on a cruise ship doesn't even look like fun, cuz i am not a drinker, i don't party. i don't trust people at all. it looks the loneliest place in a crowd to spend with people acting stupid and everyone in their own bubble and you know no one, its not like i will find a romance anywhere i go so, i need the money for my operation in hospital now, so i am going to get a refund and end the deal. why would you go to a place so close to guam and marianas trench and challenger deep where they set off the bomb in bikini atol by america that is probably all over there all radio active and us Australians put up with these islander nigs being rude to us. no thanks. time to call it off, I wasn't keen on it anyway, its just that it was dirt cheap deposit but yeh. don't know if I want to go now don't want nig germs. last cruise i got dirt cheap for 4 people at $800 and i only did it out of a dare. i can't afford this cruise and i no longer want to go if they have earthquakes. it doesn't feel safe. i don't feel safe to party i am just not a party person. "

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