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"mum was too late to respond so I am not even 1,2, 3 your gone! its just 1 your gone with me. learn to dance the tune quicker mother or go die your best in hell and i want dad to die first cuz he is the worlds biggest loser of all time the man of spastic himself who should have been shot for allowing his daughters to be abused. I will have had to cancel this NYE New Caledonia Cruise and loose the $200 per person and and seeing you said that you can't refund anything. my cats are sick and are likely to need on going treatments or medications I have been diagnosed a week ago with an auto-immune disorder which means I will need on going treatment and I am now seeing a new doctor and not Happy about the previous doctors lack of medical assessment on me and I am really at the point of going bankrupt completely. life and university didn't live up to my expectations admittedly and just getting no where in life with constant illnesses and being assaulted. I sort of need the holiday as therapy as my doctor suggested it would do me good to take holidays but of course he gets paid a lot more then me to just listen for 20 mins (so psychiatrist doctors now are charging $500 for women with rape and child sexual abuse and medicare only pay for $200 of it and there is just no way in this world I can afford $300 out of my disability pension and gps who charge $66-80 per every 10 minutes - I actually have no idea how these people live with themselves and how they expect battered women from divorce or rape and incest to pay this without jobs ? its just insanity ! and my health fund can't even pay for the vaginal byopies and the cancer treatments and I am sick of the whole deal I have gone through. something has to change in this country for women! ) I am looking forward to the Something someday even death so long as it is quick and will let you know if Choose to self expire my life before then! "

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