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"puck off counsellor don't call lifeline or bla therapy or go to catholics or salvos or any groups they don't help women at all. don't call any churches if you are ill and in trouble all they do is abuse you and make out your "giving language" to them if you ask them "why are you choosing to use an antagonistic therapy approach which is non productive to someone with abuse and illnesses etc I went through this with a old girl named joy who in my 20s wanted to challenge and argue every word I uttered and ask 21 questions and yell at me "why didn't you do this to him and why didn't you stand up to your abuser and bash him and why didn't you scream at him Get your hands off me" when I didn't know what to do. she would pick at everything challenge and demand and order and attack and bitch and bully and criticise every aspect of my personality and constantly play the antagonist therapy role which is proven it does not help people who are in distress it only makes them worse and then she threaten to get the people after me and legal attack at me and she was all lies and constant aggression and a nutcase. just don''t go need female therapists, they are out to take you down. sorry to say it but they are bad people by nature and bad women with bad genes who want to attack and abuse for sex from me , they are just trying to steal your synchronicity and life pays them back for it. I noticed as soon as I mentioned god and how I usually stay in the light over the dark she got darker and meaner and was accusing me of doing things I was not doing. like they will make out you are swearing at them when you ask a question politely. I have had heaps of women play this game on me for last 30 years and they think they clever and powerful but they are stupid women and they hate the job please don't do the job. it requires someone with gentle compassion to all to a therapist"

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