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"i am a girl who would never accept catholic charity from their scum religion that rapes and abuses and mind bends its own. that was why I left st mary's once that cardinal and preist bunged on an act about schools we couldn't afford i told mum i was not going to be a charity burden on the poor mongrel catholics and I never will be! the mongrel bastards may the church all of them rott in hell. all that cardinal cloth waste of money could feed people, get schools and hospitals and medical care the same with that dirty mongrel thing on that witches royal cunt head. the hide of that beastal buzzard to pull stunts when that thing on its head could give medical care to all the sick and animals and humans. a person can't even get a job and better life. university travelling 2 hours there and 2 hours home was never gonna get me a job or marriage. I really do not know why I bothered. i am more the jaded and flabigasted that that picking doctor can not even medically treat me properly and stuff people and bugger peoples holidays go rott in hell. dirty mongrel scum. bugger the lot of you."

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