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"why should i be nice to people after all these years of abuse. she go on about her hindu karma but that has nothing to do with me, that is her issue and not mine. I don't give a frig about karma. I don't even believe in it and I don't really believe in a god anymore. I used to but I don't feel gods love at all for years since about 1995 and then long time without gods real presence i would pray but certainly by 2004 i realised this whole god thing was a load of bullshit. i was doing good and still being abused. people who did bad got rewarded. so I just don't believe anymore in much. sorry but i don't think there is a god. like some therapist said to me " your time must be coming soon for all the crap you been through he is overdue to help you" and i was like "god, what is god? anymore, that fool I used to talk to, oh that bloody idiot that never listened and acts schizophrenic. arrrha bugger the bastard" like dad and mum always say about aaron for the last 15 years. bugger the bastards""

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