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"why try to hold up the sky and everyone when no one hold it up for you or holds you up. bugger the world and stupid stars. there is nothing left in life to appreciate as dad and mum have said for the last 25 years. nothing in life, no such thing as real friends and caring and sharing and all the work you put in no one will thank you or remember you for it later. mark my words on that. all those sluts and whores at those baby shows with their mongrel sprog bastard snorty shitty mongrel kids I had to hold up. bugger the little bastards, they don't care about how i am, the rich spoilt dirty little shitty ugly mongrels. that is what dad told me and he is right in work and always a back stabber to take you down and a whore with her sprog to get in your way. those dirty ugly fat disgusting whores and their mongrel kids at those baby shows and those stupid baby spastic baskets. I just let melissa think i will help but I won't I don't even want to go back to melissa because she is a useless idiot and I could do her job better then her. and I know it."

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