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"all karon and john knew how to do was make fun of others and talk about headjobs and liking pussy and shit from her ass at family bbq's which insulted the rest of us in 1999. and how "poverty" they were but they heaps of money to run a car and her brother was doing drugs and drunk all the time and with some old hag and they thought it was cool to be seen snorting drugs infront of a bus load of kids and we thought all this was abusive and it was upsetting us. then she went mental and abusive towards me and my family and after that we wanted nothing to do with her. she said she didn't like our old cat smelly house and dad hugging her and I found her mother to be the most rudest bitch out. she made comments about my weight that were to upset me refering to me being a fat slob at my brothers wedding and how I had lost weight and I knew she didn't like me and wanted to see me abused and raped and fat. I picked that up about them. so after that mum and dad told them to keep their money and stay away from us."

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