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"mum said "you should have said to joyce, yeh I will leave home but you do know that means I won't be able to afford you sorry loser ass anymore with rent and food and bills and moving so goodbye whore house witchbitch. mum said she had no moral principles either to me as her client and putting my feelings and needs first when I was paying her and she should have known your character and personality but she was always bitching and putting me down to others and then only around at events I invited her to she would go on with crap about "oh I am so protective of c" she would say to my mum and my mum knew she was a liar. joyce is a terrible evil liar. I seen rose move out with some real spastic nasty asshole people including her husband and she would always come home and they were abusing her because of her depression and calling her mental and crazy or dead, people did that to me too, and even calling me a alcoholic when I rarely ever drank. never took drugs and I find it insulting. rick was always saying I was a alcoholic and druggy and he didn't even know me and what friend does that?""

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