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"i was worried people would think i was too old for frank bc women have always threatened and bullied me calling me a old granny at the age of 25 when these women were over 40 and then they were calling me a tranny granny at the age of 40 when they were 60 stealing men from me again. enough is enough. a friend from support group said to me "no one has the right to tell you your too old to be loved" when I said that this is what women have said that I don't have a right to be loved cuz I am too old for the past 25-28 years. she said if I get a younger man on a cruise/os holiday tour its no one elses business and they should butt out of your love life, tell them you have every right to be loved as much as them, but these bitches always win. I just walk away defeated cuz you know when your not liked by anyone and that is how it was at the cleveland rsl they abused me everytime i went there so i stopped going to do raffles and fundraising at all after the death threats and after being raped and having the stroke. but one thing I know god is going to punish all those people who abused me. god has them named and planned and he watches them and he is gonna trial them for everything. "


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