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"this hindi woman keeps pushing her values on me saying women have babies at 50 but that is not all women, and they have to be healthy. just because other people do things doesn't mean I have to do things their way. I have my own way of doing things and my own wants and desires and needs that don't include her and others butting in where they are not wanted. I go to her for business not family planning advice. I don't have a husband or partner and I can't see one coming along and I aint waiting around either in hope for one. I wanted children when I was 25 not at 45 and certainly not at bloody 50! how dare you even come your hole power game and nigar act with me? cuz I don't want to know about your life and how you feel I only want to know about how I feel. we are not the same. I am not you. and I have different needs. different value systems."


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