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"you go work it out, you go play with your thumbs and you go work it all out for yourself as to why I haven't been allowed a husband and child and career by now. you go work it out for yourself and if you want to try to bother me see if you can come up with half the correct answer. cuz I bet you can't. you haven't had to go through playing a blood turning to ashes and dust and burning wood in veins feeling, having to drink 6liters of water in 1 hour counting every ounce and listing everything at the time and fear, or a game worse russian roulette with your brain arties and sinus veins going mad in the meninges from infection near death medications and auto-immune illness and server crippling at times pain and doctors being abusive. when you been through that then try to bother me and I will still only be interested in the hot young guys who might want to be fathers to a child with me over old men."

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