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"i just want to go to this hindi woman for business and I don't want her talking about personal life and bullying me into believing I can have children when I gave up on that dream ages ago like lily says, really says it all. I want children but I am a whole woman/person regardless of job or no job, man or no man, child or no child, money or no money. and while I want to believe in having children logic tells me that it might not happen, it will take a lot of medical assistances to happen. it will take a more then a miracle or as dads grandfather used to say "you will need a cyclone behind you", and all the people my great grandfather did for the alp and grandfather and my father and I only have done small things because the younger ones especially in the alp qld failed to help me when it was important unlike the old federal labor that dad and his great grandfather and my grandfather and my dad knew."


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