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"rose-mary blinded me for half a day throwing sawdust in my eyes and it took a good hour of my father having to wash my eyes out under a water outdoor tap and I was crying and I was I could hardly see for another day til it came good. that bloody bitch blinded me in more ways then one, that bloody thing! if people only knew the violence and attacks and sexual assaults she did to me, the dirty games and evil evil evil things she has said to me since I was a child. if you only knew. you can't begin to imagine its got worse as she has got older. she even let a underage neighbor get fucked by a guy I liked who was my age and then said "you're just jealous cuz you can't fuck and no one wants you and my allen and everyone says you are so ugly" but she got a underage girl sexually morbid just to stop me having any man at all. she tried that game one too many if people only knew what she is like. sometimes I think she must want me to lust after her cuz she doesn't want me with any man, unless they are weirdy and creeps that I don't like. mum and dad are awake up to her. I said she is has been doing this to me all my life. and my therapist knows what she is like. "

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