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"Wife sent me a video I had to take a 4 week business trip overseas and I told my wife I was not sure how I was going to survive without sex for that long. She told me not to worry we could video chat and get each other off. We did it a few times and it was fun but I liked it for the most part because she rarely would masturbate for me and she is so beautiful that I love just watching her body move. We were set up one night after I had been gone over two weeks now and she looked down at the camera and told me she had a fricken great session planned for me. She told me that she was talking to her friend Sara about what we were doing and she asked if she could join in on the fun. Sara is also really beautiful and I thought for sure she was joking around until she moved the camera and showed me Sara sitting on the bed with her. She was still wearing a pair of panties but her breasts were everything I had imagined. I was hard in under ten seconds when my wife leaned over and started licking Sara's nipples. They both took turns holding the cam while licking, touching and playing with toys over the next hour or so. I thought I had fallen asleep and was dreaming, I recorded all of it and played it back numerous times while on the trip to get off. When they were finished up they both looked into the cam and asked me how that was and I told them it was awesome. I was staring at my wife and telling her that I was so surprised that she was willing to do something like this and I was sure that sexually this was the top of my list. She smiled at me and told me that when I get back from my trip she wanted Sara to join both of us for a threesome, she winked at me and told me that she already talked to her about it and she wants to also. I almost had another orgasm just hearing my wife say that to me. Well a few years later and Sara is still living with us, not sure when it is going to end but I am one of the happiest guys on the planet. We had to get a king size bed but all three of us sleep together every night. I have done things sexually that I never thought would ever happen with my wife and Sara. I am pretty sure that this living arrangement is going to continue on for quite some time because we are all so good with it."


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