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"Shagged 85 year old woman I am 32 years old and just recently I shagged a neighbour who is 85 years old. This woman has massive tits and whenever I am talking to her I cannot help but stare at her tits, they are stunners. She popped round a few nights ago for a chat and I popped on a pot of coffee and we sat in front of an open fire chatting. As she was bending forward to pick her cup up I got a view of her magnificent, heavenly cleavage. Oh man it was sublime. She looked at me, right in the eyes and said "You were looking at my breasts weren't you?" I was very embarrassed but I admitted that I had been because they were so very gorgeous and she let out a little giggle. She then asked me if I would like her to strip to the waste and I had to ask her to repeat what she had said. Of course I said yes and the next thing I know is that I am fondling, licking, biting & sucking these beauties. I had an enormous erection and thought 'in for a penny, in for a pound' and slipped off my trousers and pants. I stood just in front of her, my dick just a couple of inches from her face and man it was throbbing, it almost hurt. She took hold of it and started to masturbate me and before I knew what was happening I had shot an enormous load all over her face. We then the stated snogging and I licked her face clean and we shared my almost premature ejaculation. We spent the rest of the night doing disgusting things to one another. She had never been licked out before, or rimmed, or taken up the arse and so she had a lot of new experiences. For the first time I had a woman piss all over my face, in my hair and mouth, so I also had a new experience. We have met up every night since and spend about hour looking at very kinky porn and then do it ourselves and we have been filming it too. Great fun and I am in love (lust?). ps love being pissed on, such a thrill to see it coming out of her pussy through that little tube."

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