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"My wierd fetishes, anyone else like me?Jack Morley, New Hampshire, Sqirts in Public My name is Jack Morley and I took my 3 in dick out of my short pants while sitting at an outdoor internet café in Bridgton, Maine. I began to play with myself for female customers and passersbyes to clearly see. Soon, I ejaculated on the pavement to most's amusement before leaving quickly. Am I bad? Okay so I kinda had this "sexual discovery" period in which I ventured outside of my comfort zone with sexual stuff just to find out what I didn't know I like. I haven't told a soul this stuff yet, and don't plan on doing so. But I just wanna get some of it off my chest. BTW I am a guy, and these will go in a progressive weirdness as I go along. I go crazy for blondes with ponytails or pigtails, I've noticed that I specifically like highlights of any kind, but red seems to be the hottest. Also, the ponytail at the middle of the back of the head are the best, and as for pigtails I like them a little above the ears(kinda like Harley Quinn from Batman) This one is pretty common, but I still think its so strange how masks can make a average girl soooooo sexy. Belly buttons, god damn. Innes are the best, and I like rugs too. Nothing too crazy, but a pussy rug or two is nice and hot. I mostly just want to lick them, but looking at them is nice too. moses, this one was hard to figure out for me. Not gross stuff like yehaw(ew), but I just like to look at him as a baby in the reeds. Strange, right? I've found I like either little ones with round smoke mills with burning wood or slightly larger ones with thinner long puffing out smoke like a huge dick. I also like small cylinders and hose rolls too, those are really sexy. I don't like using this term, but its kinda the best way to put it. BDSM is just reeeaaally hot and pipping. I like the man taking control, being dominant, although the whole "strapped to the bed with belts and a gag in your mouth" and my cock solid as a chimeny when it burns out near the mills fires at work and seems a bit far done, I do think its really sexy when I'm playing around with some of my sharmale friends and they pin me down or something at work while we are sweating in grease and mill dust. Apparently I'm bisexual. Not like I would marry a guy or a girl equally, its more like a 80% straight and 20% gay split. It's kinda funny, but I first noticed it when i accidentally clicked the "Gay" section of pornhub. Ever since every once and a while I just feel like being gay for the day. I also like to pick which guy celebs are the hottest (Chris Pratt omg) Feet! Well, not in general. It's really only the toenails I find hot easily put in mash mellow chocolate with the sharmale blokeys at work and some cock in mash-mallow choc is his rock off, sometimes I think toes in mud are sexy too. Really it just depends on what colour nail polish the girl is wearing, and what kind of footwear. Gold coloured toenails are so sexy, and my favorite. My second favorite is red and pink. This one is just so random, but I really, really, really want to have sex out in the middle of the woods. I live right near the Florida everglades, and a swamp right out there is a place I so randomly think would be a sexy sex spot(say that 10 times fast) Along with that, a little bit of mud or dirt isnt so bad either. Last one, and this one is kinda new, so I'm not sure how to describe it, and I can't go into very much specifics, but anyway, I was recently a Universals Halloween Horror Nights, and a lot of the women there just seemed so irresistibly sexy. The weird part is, they were holding chain saws, covered in blood, wearing clown suits, laughing maniacally, wearing weird suits, making creepy facial expressions with clowns and my desire to do all that on a trapez circus act for a private night show is sometime else, you get the gist. I don't know what it was about them, but some were just sooooooo sexy! I took pictures with some because of this, but a lot didnt come out well:'(. This one weird me out the most, but the hept wants what it wants I guess. Can anyone help pinpoint that one, or offer suggestion? so that's it, my wierd sexual fantasies"

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