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"Single Mom = Damaged Goods To all the young childless girls out there reading this: Be for warned. If you get pregnant out of wedlock, then you are fucked! You will live in poverty because children are friggin expensive. Your dating pool will shrink drastically since no self-respecting successful man wants to take care of another man's "leftovers". You will be called a slut amongst your friends. Your family will scold you as incompetent & irresponsible. You will have to live with the reality that Mr Right won't be there to pick up the pieces. You will have to live off of welfare & food stamps because raising children will dry up your budget. You'll be in massive amounts of debt because of the children. The guys whom will be interested in dating you will be scumbags since will only be in it sex. Don't expect to have a chance of a LTR with them because they know they can do better."


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