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"I hate my sister soooo much Or day I came down stairs and she was watching TV. FYI she has her own TV in her room and I don't. I wanted to watch something and she said I couldn't. I reminded her about how she could watch TV when ever she wants, even when I'm at school. She was all like, "well, this one is bigger.and I also already started it." I told her how ungrateful she was and how she was being really selfish. I went up to the TV and pretended to turn it off and she smacked me on the arm and called me a brat. Me being the slightly "rude" person I am, called her an idiot. She got all mad and acted like that was a bad word!! She is literally 18 years old and saying that idiot is a bad word! She got mad and went up stairs and I turned on Netflix, but then I realized I had to go take a shower, so I went back upstairs. When I passed her room, she was acting like I was just trying to make her mad. I told her that I was just going to take a shower, then she said she's going to return my Christmas presents!! I'm not ting to sound selfish, but it is pretty rude to say your going to return them. Well my sister does these thing's every day, so I guess that why I hate my sister. "

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