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".I spent 3 months travelling across from Cali to NY. You hear stories about many Americans being over weight. I can now confirm that a considerable larger amount of americans are so much bigger than people in the UK (my home country). In the Uk you get some chunky people with contentment weight and you will see a few really big people but generally not that many.. I stayed in 7 different states during my time in the states, stayed in lots of different cities, towns and also many rural areas. Every place/ environment i was in i would say that 30% of the people there were next level huge, like to the point when their body doesn't even resemble human form anymore. A good 40% of the people were still very fat like about as fat as the really fat people in the UK. 20% were on the chunky side or "well fed" you could say and only 10% of them were sort of lean. I loved my time over there and everyone who i met - bar a few crack heads i met on the streets at night , although i guess we were state side so it would be right to assume that they were indeed meth heads not crack heads. And i also really enjoyed the general vibes that were floating about and the fact that american girls really do go mad for english lads - it ain't no myth! ..especially if you got a good set of teeth on ya as well ;) I just really worry for them as a nation. It is clear and obvious that so many of them are uneducated about diet - not to mention that cattle farming over there is completely destroying the world (if you haven't watched a documentary called Cowspiracy yet please go and check it out now). I tried prostitutes and freak shows and worked in gaming in casinos after a huge addiction to casino gaming which made me fat and weak minded."

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