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"In the car with bestfriend Me and my best friend went grocery shopping and I was very very h**** that night. He didn't know because I wanted to surprise him I guess and just tell him I wanna feel that thick c*** inside me...after shopping. So we left the store put the bags in the car and was heading back home, it was silent..or I guess the radio didn't work but I learned over and whispered " I want you to pile drive my p****." He slowly looked at me(it was the most sexiest confusing look ever). So he said where?? By that time I was super frickin h**** and didn't care where.... so I said the we found a good spot and I took my coat off and pants/I wasn't wearing panties. So he dived right into my p**** and just ate the taste out of me. 30 mins past and I stopped him and said "give it to me" "I wanna hurt all inside and out on the c***" idk what got into me maybe my 6month trial of no s**. Ugh he was my best friend from the block and I just hoped after we sexed he wouldn't go telling his homeboys he just screwed my t***. So after he was touching and kissing me I didn't mind but u wasn't feeling romancy I just wanted the d***. But things went pretty well days after."


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