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"Beauty is the beast I can't stop looking at pictures of this dude with the most gorgeous, soulful baby brown eyes I've ever seen. It's like looking into eternity and being swallowed by some beautiful fucking void. The dude himself is fucking gorgeous, too. What's even worse is the dude is infamous on the internet for being a horrible person. He's actually in prison now. I'm tempted to write him and tell him my thoughts, but I keep telling myself that would be a terrible idea. The shit icing on the shit cake is that I'm married. Happily so. I am not about to wreck my marriage by getting involved with this jailbird, but I feel so bad about looking at pictures of him and wanting to reach out. He and his eyes are gorgeous. His mind is Golgotha. This might not be cheating to some, but it feels like it to me."

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