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"we go to "Couple Swinger". I have been having sex with a couple for a long time. I met them on adult friend finder. They have three kids. I perform oral on the wife while her husband watches. She doesnt like women but she does what he says and i maje sure to make her cum. I come over for him when she isnt home. I like when he wants to see us together. I kiss her and touch her and suck on her. Then i make her do it to me even tho she doesnt like women. it turns me on thst she doesnt but he makes her anyway. They had a bbq once and he invited me. She walked in on him fucking me anally. In the garage while she was grabbing sodas. I told her i wanted a kiss. She said no but he grabbed her by the hair and i kissed her. I slid my tongue in her mouth. Spit in it. I enjoy causing grief between them. I enjoy fucking her husband in her house wherever i want making her hste me then turn around snd make her cum. I look at her when he makes her watch. Feels amazing. I tell him to say im better than her in bed and he does. I want to piss her off even more and give their 16 old son a blowjob but im afraid hell be mad at that too."


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