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"from repost, So, I’m staying over at my boyfriends house Christmas invite attention attack me bad for Christmas Eve/Christmas day for the last time, and the dog keeps on like walking in on us and looking at us strangely like attention to attack. I am about to scream and we want to use the heated pool in private without others around us. so I left made excuse to of "oh I forgot something" and now Okay so I'm in Wal-Mart last night Christmas shopping I see this young black guy -- a kid really -- checking me out. he could be good to going on xmas party and my sister in law is cumshot party tonight over to help with him now as we speak walking the family I'm going to the ladies , ok .he is 18 sexy and fit and im into the cube with him, wow he suck my you know uno making me CRRRRRAZY with desire. I feel like I'm gonna explode. how would I go about getting to the Christmas set in our company like this and then getting back to face him and that dog dressed up like a santa paws meeeeeeeeeeeeeen dog. gota go bye. f ya all x m asked out again. "


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