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"i broke out in a hives allergy rash a few times and a skin swelling disorder / rash in 2003 when working in a office from buying 2nd hand clothing at the thrift shops. I used to buy pre-loved clothing as a teen and adult occasionally but got really into it in my late 20s cuz I started my antiques collections of furniture and vintage clothing. I don't always wear my vintage style clothing in fear of being made fun of. but I have some nice old things but I got a skin swelling blistering rash after being exposed to someone who had menigicocal at the private college I was at and I also was exposed to a virus that was leaked at the university campus I was going to as well. I would wake in shaking shivery sweats in my 20s a lot due to this, and then have vomitting bouts out of nowhere usually on first day of period always so I gave up taking painkillers where as I was always on pain killers for period pain from the age 11 til 25 then when i got the hot night sweats I always got them with my periods and all I could do was sleep out the pain for 24 hours. then I got a non-paralysising form of polio that has been painful and slipped discs in the back and neck disc injuries from car accident and I know i should have gone to hospital the night i accidently had the wrong antibiotics that i was allergic to the pain was awful all i could do was sleep it out but looking back i should have gone to hospital then, i have the vomitting time with liver fluke infection, and heaps of blood tests and mri's on my brain and back and legs. they did everything. cardioultrasounds and transvaginal ultrasounds cuz of swollen ovaries and infections and bowel problems and they thought i had a bladder tumor and kidney stones but could not prove anything without key hole surgery. I still get chunching sounds in my neck and ear and around the membrane of my brain that is due from 2nd generation antihistimines one pharmaist told me and the back/brain surgeons wouldn't agree with anything so I am none the wiser. I been exposed to bird flu, swine flu, whooping cough, and this rash from 2011 at fernwood gym from their washers with oils and that I had to take doxy for a long time close to 2 years and I refused to take it after i got really sick one night and vomitted because i accidently drank milk, which you can't drink milk with doxy and I know why it will cramp your stomach and make you vomit badly. so i put up with the rash that they said was allergens or unknown virus (like as if there is such a thing today as a unknown virus/bactrial/fungal infection, I will say no more on that topic!!!!) and to last 3 -4 years in the end i got off doxy and had innerhealth vit k and it fixed most of the rash and it comes back every so often now when I use sunscreen. and the cancer i had to have cut out was all due to the podiatrist i worked for, he was spreading germs everywhere with used gloves. they are supposed to wear 2 sets of gloves for blood procedures in dental and operations or physical body fluids examinations. i am sick of them trying to harm me."

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