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"I had sex with my friends. My friends from college invited me to his house. When I went he had loads of friends there, they were all body builders and the atmosphere was kind of silent when I came in. After a while he put his arm around me and said "do you ever wonder what being gay is like?" I said no and then he started kissing me. Soon enough they all came around and had their turns making out with me while I was too scared to do anything. Although I did wonder what sucking dick felt like. They pushed me to the floor and one of the many shoved his long cock down my throat. I was choking on his cock and he kept violently humping it up and down my throat. He cummed all over my mouth and I wanted to spit it out but thy wouldn't let me, so I swallowed it all. One of them pulled down my trousers and they all had turns, two at a time one doing anal and one I have to suck off. The pain from anal was unreal, but there was one guy who stood out. He was massive 6,5 and his cock was absolutely gigantic. He had me to himself while the rest watched. He told me to give him a handjob and his dick was so big I couldn't fit my hand around it. It's length was almost half the length of my arm. He tried to shove his cock down my throat but it couldn't fit through my mouth, so he shoved it down my ass. I was screaming in pain, he was only a quarter way down. My butt began to tear, I was crying and told him to stop and he put in too much. He didn't listen and shoved the whole thing up my ass. He then humped in and out really aggressively grabbing my legs and shaking my whole body up and down. I was in so much pain and my ass started to bleed out of the giant there's. He toll his cock out, turned me around and jerked himself off, Cumming in my mouth . At the end around 10 at once were jerking off and spunking all theu cym in my mouth to the point where it was completely full and I swallowed it all. I kind of liked the blowjobs but not the sperm, I hated anal but I still carried on"


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