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"Think she is cheating My wife goes interstate for company conferences always accompanied by the CEO I have for some time thought they were fucking on these trips because she want's little sexually to do with me when she returns for about two weeks and tends to not have any sex for a week or so prior to her next conference. She is off again in two weeks for three weeks so I am going to set up some cams around our house, I particularly love fucking her doggie style in the arse on the fluffy mat in our lounge it humiliates her especially when I squeeze her ear and make her squeal like a pig I am going to get heaps of video's that make her look like a real whore anal, oral vaginal and with toys. After I get enough I am going to confront her and demand she has her cunt lips pierced so I can put two padlocks through when she goes on her conferences. Certain that is going to slow things down I bet the boss quickly gets a new conference coordinator"

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