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"Being the skinny one. Everyone wants to be skinny. People will go and eat "healthier", starve themselves. People try to exercise more, h***, some people will do almost everything. I see obese people every day. And then some just don't give a f***. Some of them have gotten Diabetes from being fat, and some just can't help it. I'm sorry, but I don't understand. EVERYONE seems to want to be skinnier. But I'm skinny. One of the only people I know for that matter. I'm also 5'10. Every time I see a commercial for weight loss, or jenny craig, I just can't understand anybody who has to deal with it. And being skinny isn't always great. As a guy, I'm pretty into playing sports with friends, and I do get into fights, and being the skinnier guy with less muscle isn't all that great. Trust me. Either way, what are your thoughts? Do you wish you were skinnier, or fatter."


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