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"so i met this dietician woman from another country she is asian-indian looking and she was unsual, she spent all the first part of the appoint looking at her iphone flicking up photos and texting her friends and I had to read and fill in questions that would have been better for communication if she had of ask me the questions and wrote the answers out or had a page with her. so anyway for like 20mins I am there filling out the papers no talking the whole time. and then she stands up and glances at the first page for like 2 seconds and then looks down over telling me what I need to do and she wasn't rude but that stance was a bit off putting. she was saying positive helpful things to me about how to improve my health and diet but didn't go indepth as I was expecting. but it was a bit out there when she started talking about her own personal life problems at me and it was almost like "oh I am a rich business woman with influence and do all this charity work and I live alone in a country with no one else no family and it was almost like "kiss my ass" and get out of my way if you know what I mean, like as if "oh, I am more worthy of a man or something special like money etc then you". I hope she improves a bit. I will take her advice and do what ever to get healthier in my diet choices and exercise and any therapy she suggests I am willing to pay for and give it a go but just don't want to talk personal life. I am so overwhelmed by so many peoples useless unwanted dumb new found philosophical advice out of a fan-tale wrapper. "


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