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"My day to day life consisted of getting up, preparing my husbands lunch, getting myself sorted and going to work. After work I'd cook our evening meal and he'd begin drinking his beer. This was all we did. I became so dissalusioned and sexually frustrated I even loaned some porn films to spice up our sex life, but my husband was often too drunk to get a hard on. Then in January I joined a gym and unlike most other years I stuck at it. My body shape changed after a couple of months, as did my overwhelming desire to have sex. Once again I tried to get my husbands attention by wearing sexier clothing or just being plain dirty with him. He still wasn't interested. I spoke to a female colleague at work about my predicament another month down the line, and she instantly told me Mark our young delivery drive had the hots for me. I didn't believe her at first until she asked him to come upto our department. There was no mistaking his attraction to me or his complete non interest in the usual social rules. Not waiting for me to get coy or begin to fob him off, he walked over to me and asked if I wanted to share a motel room with him. My colleague looked at me, winked and said "You only live once honey". I booked out of work that very same afternoon two hours early, as did a young 22 year old delivery driver. The motel was a few miles out of town and it took about twenty minutes to get there. Mark followed me on his motor bike and the whole way there I debated with myself about carrying it through. Not only did I carry it through, I totally loved every single minute of being taken sexually as though I was a whore. Mark treated me like a piece of sexual meat and I truely adored it. The sex was nothing like what myelf and my husband had ever done together. It was raw, dirty and a whole new way of reaching extremely strong orgasms for me. Each new way Mark had me suck on his cock, or how he eat out my pussy and asshole, had my body shaking with sexual excitement. Feeling his huge cock spreading my pussy walls as he drove his cock into me hard, right from the first thrust, had my libido levels rising enough to have me begging him to fuck me faster and deeper. Anal sex. Wow! what an experience to have my butt fucked the way Mark fucked it. I was sore afterwards but during his anal rampage of me, I was taken to the most powerful orgasms of my life. He detroyed my asshole and I couldn't get enough of him doing so. Yes it hurt, yes he dominated every second of our time together, but not once did I ask him to stop or to ease off. At first I saw it as my chance to clear my need to cheat, but by the time we'd fucked ourselves to total exhaustion, I was ready to give and allow him anything he wanted and more. Getting home late I found my husband on the couch asleep. Eight cans of beer empty and disgarded all ove the floor. Clearing them I actually swore to myself Mark and I will meet again to have more sexual fun. I haven't yet decided if i will leave my husband, but each week he drinks himself stupid and Mark and I have the most amazing sex, I get one step closer to ending our marriage."


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