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"I won't forgive bayside church doing what they did to me saying prayers over me for fertility and saying a young man would come into my life and be the love of my life and then on valentines day they got this 13 year to write to me wanting nudes pictures of me and sex and I called the police about it. he was not my idea of the love i was wanting. I had a image of a young doctor or paramedic or police officer of around say anywhere between 25-45 young not some ugly creepy long haired yobo slob teenager. I wanted a man I could show off at everyone and marry naturally. I have needs that this fool could not meet. can you imagine a womans heart broken to peices due to that bayside family church and what they did to me. it was not more then 2 years before hand when a neighbor stole a man around my age from me and she was just 15 at the most or younger and she wanted him and she bashed up other older girls for him and she got him. even after I had told him for a good year I liked him. so I hope he likes jail if he keeps that act up. can you imagine my hurt of the rejection of a man of 40 taking up with a whore fucking on trampolines and flashing a tourch at night everynight for loud sex for all the neighbors to the point I had to close the windows and the dope they were smoking was so strong I had to close the bedroom window the stink of the smoke was choking me and now the dog next door struts around like lady muck when its common and filthy as a whore. she used to have her male clients for sex work I am sure of it, park outside our house while she was being serviced and the husband was shooting a pallet gun at our house and at the tin fence and the kids were throwing mud and eggs at the house and on halloween dad had to go out and tell them they went too far upsetting me and I had to get a ambulance to the hospital. and they were drunk trying to burn signs on our fence and blowing up letterboxes and some drunk came in the middle of the night at my bedroom window saying kids were on our roof and they were torturing me, I could hear them attacking a man and the girls were attacking other girls over this guy and the neighbor in the end told him to get and he didn't come back with all his acting mates for a while. I was so sick and tortured by them. I was crying so sick and having to walk around the house in circles trying to breath and keep my heart rate up and then I was getting temperature drops and going into shakes and shiver fevers of too low a tempture. you have no idea how abused i was at hospitals and my certain asshole paramedics and I would be one of their most easy going patients. it wasn't my fault I had a low heart rate and infection and its like the police trying to make out i am crazy. dad seen what the neighbors were doing too. dancing around bon fires doing pagan worship satanic dancing and it smelt like they were burning dead bodies. to be honest with you. i got that way i didn't want to come home. I loved this young police guy who was nice to me, he seemed to genuinely care that i was sick and being abused by doctors and the churches and I didnt know why they were doing that to me, I reported bunnypoeta and I want that thing in jail, just like i want rick, katey and bec and ken and joyce in jail. i want them forced to answer why they abused me and assaulted me. I want someone on my behalf to lay changes against them, cuz i don't have the money to. I want my rights met. I was a battered abused raped woman who had a stroke after being raped. i was drunk so there was no consent. I want justice. i want joyce forced to answer several question I put to the human health complaints commission she is public enemy criminally minded evil woman. I want her forced to answer why she said those demonic things to me under the guise of therapy and being paid to just abuse me! I want people from other places who abused me forced to answer why they did what they did to me."

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