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"i complained at the nigga cafe shop about the lipstick over the spoon. I told them "I want a new spoon, see this, it has lipstick on it, I am not wearing make up I rarely wear make up in summer heat. do you know how dangerious this is, it can cause menigicococil and viruses and bacteria and germs. its very dangerous you should be checking things before handing them to customers" and I am going to write a complaint if i get sick or not. had enough of other peoples sloppy performance when I was working I was sanctioned and told and it doesn't hurt them to sharpen up their act! if I get sick you know who i will be suing don't you. nig cunt whore sluts and nig pig dogs! animals. all of them sexual filthy animals. everything full of germs around me. sick of it. germs germs germs. I hate germs and I hate people."

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