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"future of sex and dating pay govt a licence for dating sex marriage and every baby. user i'm seriously becoming asexual. that happened to me to... i had a teenage girlfriend when i was in grad school that i wasn't even interested in and kept trying to break up with but she would never leave eventually she was so worried about me wanting to leaveher that's she tricked me into getting her pregnant when she was 18 i was 35 at the time working on finishing my doctorate and she was an 18 year old freshman in a class i had been the teaching assistant in when she had started asking me to "privately tutor" her now i have a 5 year old daughter that i have sole custody of because her mother overdosed on opioids alone last christmas i haven't wanted to have sex with anyone since then join the club! feminism will do that to anyone... a lot more people are asexual then not now, most people are lying about their sex life and that is a fact. fewer people are doing it and its the future and you have to move with it and make do with blow up sex dolls male and female and other sex toys and some groups are advocating official compulsory vasectomies to be in their groups and parties now and a no sex policy in groups or health insurance memberships etc due to risks of stds and knocking down population etc. some of us have to suffer for others gain. its usually the fatties first and then the weak willed shopo-holic chicks next. i am not out of choice but just life circumstances and how the economy is now effecting the sexual culture of all of society now. its soon becoming a childfree zone preferential club membership in health insurance and home loans, jobs and social clubs etc. people with kids are going to be disadvantaged and discriminated against and all this now they want to bring in you have to pass a test and pay for a licence from the govt to be allowed to date and have sex and marry and a licence you have to pay for, for every kid you have. this is coming in soon world wide, so look out this is the way of the future the govt need to make money for things and we have to move with it and its called progress!"


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