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"everyone who has abused me like rose joyce and rick and katy and joyce have made my mouth a gun that can kill. you want to watch yourselves cuz I am a revenger about the most minor of things I pay everyone back and I am completely unreliable and will turn and back stab as quick as. I aint the nice person I used to be. I wouldn't defend anyone unless it was in my own interest to or just to shit stir. i hate people because of all the abuse you all did to me. I got that sarina russo and payed her back and will keep doing it too. she can be sure of that and I will piss on her grave when she kicks the bucket too. I don't know how you will with yourself sarina and joyce and sue and elizabeth and ugly karen. its such a joke that people think she is so hot the karens bare of whores. and my retarted spastic footed brother who should be put in chemler spastic farm for his spastic imperfect genes. that mongrel little bastard child. spastic deformities all over its body! people know I can't stand being near deformity however it does make me feel better. thank god its not me. like joyce used to say anything that women accused me of I say now. like "look what you made me do and youre to blame" everything is black and white. yeh, joyce has really great therapy skills that she abused rose and me so much. that spastic little egghead moonfaced tard woman that i was living in hope someone would have murdered her by now with that witchy evil mouth of hers in her so called therapy which is more like torture. and she saves it all for the white girls and not her little niggar whores , joyce is opposite to everything right, like women who fuck at the drop of a hat are impowered and rape is the sign of true feminist liberation to joyce. can see what a nutter i was dealing with. of course she would always get people on her side til they are shot with her venmon themselves and when she harms you then you got something to cry about cuz she will. joyce has no morals and the most weirdest of value systems. its called spasticism joycey spasticism of who deserves and don't deserves. as if that spastic whore could be a god! i hate your shit soul to eternity. you murderer joyce. "


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