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"and nickass and you fools will you stop bothering me so I can study and take a holiday and enjoy my life and go find someone else to whine and game with cuz I don't want to know you. fuck off and die in your hell ken, where you belong in your own asshole. stop bothering me with your pathetic whining and games and go get a real life and go get out of my life forever. your so spastic and loser your face is a peice of gum stuck on the pavement. just go fuck off and die and stop bothering my family. and that includes you to jpy and those nignogs. just fuck off and go die in your hell. stop bothering me and whining at me. stop following me and stop meddling in other peoples business and get lost. get out of here you devils. get out of my life. stay away from my family or you will cut."

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