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"cayenne pepper is a hot drug of choice I have a small bit on cottage cheese or in creamed corn, corn is good for pregnant women but the cayenne might not be. but wow, I get a great head spin from it. and mushroom powder. wow. if i have a headache or my eyes are sore or just feel shitty I go for the cayanne pepper so long as it is with something milky cuz it upsets my stomach too much. I also take collagen, olive leaf, grape seed, spirillina, multi vit, triple strength vit c horserash and garlic, propolis, liver detox sometimes or I go for a colon detox with celery seed tonic and dandelion and something else, or raspberry ketones, and coconut oil, tart cherry, mangosten and I gave up the q10 and primerose and fish oil they made me sick. i use the primrose oil for my face sometimes! "


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