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"brigette and bugsy were definately on as a couple and I don't know if louise ever knew. I knew brigette was on with heaps of guys, there were that many of them. she would just flick you off when she had a boyfriend and then expect you to be all over her fussing after her after months of rejection while she was off, well you know with a few. that was why I didn't go to her 21st birthday, it was always on her terms only friendship and you know when your being used for her to get to other guys like bugsy around me and my cousin. and I went all weird when she took me around on a graveyard crawl we must have gone to a few grave yards over a few weekends when i was 13 and I felt the presence of a spirit or ghost around me, bugsy came back with vicky and didn't say who they were. I was sick, of course! what else! of course I had to be sick when ever a man was around so nothing would happen, so the spirit/ghost would have its way. I want to know about this ghost. this dam thing. I was having nightmares after the graveyards all the weekends and horror films and I experienced something ghostly that freaked me out then. that was 1986 or so. I went all weird cuz I couldn't sleep and my sister and her boyfriend would kick me out of bedrooms all the time so I never knew where I was going to sleep in the lounge floor watching music video clips alone."


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