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"i used to look through all the avon books and ask the avon lady to order in one of the male models for me. then I started wanting to adopt all the kids in the books as well. I used to pretend they were my own children. wondering what they would look like. then I found jenny at the campus and wanted her son and I used to imagine he was really my child and she was the surigette of my son back in 2002. I considered being a surigate to a family who could not have children and signed up for it even but haven't heard a thing. I considered having a one night stand but that isn't me. never done that ever and never could unless he was a model and seriously hot looking. I went out with a male model who was a pilot on a few occasions, he was a levi's guy model in the 1980s heap of uselessness crying poor and in debt to a song of like 1 million and throwing off at me for not working so I got rid of him because he was an asshole. I met a hot gay male model when I was working in a 5 star hotel in the butlers dept. they all loved me there cuz i was so keen to work then I got friends with another gay 5 star matradee, and a gay radio guy I don't talk to many of them now. but I do have a friend who knows how to get cheap tickets into places and holidays she said she will always help me out with that. she is a great friend to me. the only real nice person towards me. "


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