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"ahh finally things are going ahh finally things are going smoothly.when i frequently shared fantasies Messing around with my friends A few weeks ago i had my two mates (both girls) stay around mine (i am also a girl), and after a while we were getting dressed to go out to my mates house party, but then while we were all standing in our lingere we all just stopped and stared at each other, after a couple of minutes we just started asking questions about each others bodies and then somehow ended up playing with each other in various places, but now everytime we see each other it goes further and im scared its going to ruin our friendship and effect our sexuality, also if it gets back to our boyfriends or parents we will be doomed, our boyfriends will probably find it sexually amusing and get us to perform like circus freaks, their coming around to take us out to the cinema in a few minutes and if one of us slip up and tell them we wont know what to do :/ so I feel guilty and want to know is this... Is It cheating?...ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE Ok so I have been with my boyfriend on and off for 4 years and we have had a very rocky relationship. We have broken up numerous times over stupid things and this one time when we broke up and he said some very nasty things to me (e.i I don't want you anymore and leave me the f*** alone) so me being in love with him and thinking he was never going to come back to me I started talking to this guy from class. I wasn't in love with this guy nor did I like him very much, just thought he was kinda cute so I started txting him. He called me one night and we had phone s**. Well it was more like him trying to get me to have phone s** with him and me just boredly complying so I won't hurt his feelings. Fast forward to about a week later. I stop talking to this guy because I obviously loved my ex and I was just fooling mself by talking to this guy and I stopped talking to him about 2 days after that I start talking back to my ex whom I was still in love with and we get back together. I would like to know is this considered cheating even though we broke up? I have never ever cheated in a relationship and im totally new to this whole dating thing period so Im really confused and I feel so guilty. My friends say its not cheating because we werent together and not to tell him because theres no telling what he did during that time that was probably worse than what I had done but the guilt just wont go away. should I tell him? I know its stupid to be going on a confession site asking for advice but this is really needed. any advice is welcome."

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