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"i love mr.(derek).d. i'm almost 18. my birthday is in august. i love my teacher. he is everything i want and more. i walk by him every day at school even when i am going to be late. some days i want to just go up and kiss him. i had a dream that i was at school and he asked me into his classroom locked the door and he asked if i had a boyfriend i said no. and he slowly walked towards me and kissed me needingly. i asked him if he loved me and he said yes, he had waited for the right moment and took me in his back room and he said he wanted to make love to me and i said, yes, its all i ever wanted was to do this after we did this i told him that i wanted to marry him. he said i will have to divorce my wife. amy, but i will love to marry you. i have waited for the right time to talk to you meaningfully not as a teacher. but as a friend and lover. i loved you the first day i seen you in my class. i have loved watching you walk past me everyday. i knew the first look you gave me was a look of love. you looked at me with full intent of getting in my life. and i seen you walk out of my class with a smile so big i just knew you liked me. i walked from the school with a big smile on my face that day and every day after that. when you fell asleep in my class i tried to wake you and you wouldn't budge it showed me that you let your guard down so much that you didn't care that i was there. after i got done talking/teaching with the class, i watched you sleep. that day i knew you were the one i wanted. (i love him and want him to know if you see this i want you to know i love you with all my heart you are fun and quirky, lovely and good personality i need you in my life so much you are the reason i live.) jamie"


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