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"what I hate is when women pull this stunt of "I am not your child minder or a guy isn't a child minder, if a woman is drunk, I made a point of making my mum and I stay with my aunty at new years party because she had drunk a bit and I wanted to make sure she got home ok without someone taking advantage of her, sometimes love does lean! sometimes you do be a child minder for someone you care about! no matter their age! especially when its family! yeh, well this girl kerry that I met was clearly strange to me. and I told police I believed ken to be friends with the film group and they didn't take me too seriously about the connection. and the rsl and the dept of defense didn't tell me everything I wanted to know or that my lawyer wanted to know or what my doctors wanted to know. all my neighbors could do was giggle around on drugs and I swear they killed someone. I swear I heard someone being killed and the smell. no one believes me. they had no respect for me and the police should respect me more i have studied law and policing ethics back over 25 years ago. nothing is that funny. so did what was i snorting in simon, charlie and berty? carry on up the incinerator? that is why I said "someone is dead and this is funny to you? no you didn't say what I wanted to hear and know" and that someone would try to kill me, make me sick and rape me be it one person or a group of crazy halloweeners, and its funny to people? "

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